5 Best Princess Cruises For Perfect Cruising

Know About Best Princess Cruise Ship

Imagine on a luxurious cruise chilling with your loved ones and enjoying the perfect weather. The very thought of cruising relaxes our mind leave aside actually hitting the ship. With all the lavish amenities like spa and gym to savory international cuisine and fun games, cruising on a ship will offer you one of the best experiences of your life. For first time cruisers, we have listed some best ships from one of the world’s exotic cruise lines – ‘Princess’. From the best princess cruise ship to mid-range ships, we have covered all.

Royal Princess

One of the largest cruise ships of the line, Royal Princess debuted in 2013. The 3,560-passenger ship’s unique features like the SeaWalk and pool on the top deck make it truly stand out. The cruise ship offers activities like educational programming, duty-free boutiques, activity clubs, and much more. The cabins of the ship have mini-refrigerators and flat-screen TVs. You can dine at six specialty restaurants here or savor great food at casual eateries. With all the stunning facilities, Royal Princess is the best princess cruise ship for decent travelers.

5 Best Princess Cruises For Perfect Cruising
5 Best Princess Cruises For Perfect Cruising

Regal Princess

This 3,560-passenger cruise hit the ocean for the first time in 2014. Since then, it continues to please cruisers with its onboard activities, luxury amenities, and great dining options. Regal is known for its glass walkway which makes it the best princess cruise ship in the eyes of many people. From photography studio and age-appropriate youth clubs to indoor driving range, the ship has got much to lure the travelers. It has many specialty restaurants and several laid-back eateries. Just like Royal Princess, the cruise has TVs and minifridges in every cabin. It also has mini-suite cabins with two flat-screen TVs, balconies, bathtubs, and more.

Pacific Princess

One of the smallest cruise ships of the cruise line, Pacific Princess has a 670-passenger capacity. Despite being small, it offers a luxurious experience and is ideal for those looking for peace. Whether you want to relax at the spa, play casino, or indulge in wine tasting, Pacific is for you. When it comes to dining, the ship has three lounges and seven dining venues.

Star Princess

Best Cruise Ship From Princess Cruise Line
5 Best Princess Cruises For Perfect Cruising

Star Princess hit the shore in 2002 and got updated in 2017. It has a capacity of 2,600 passengers and has all the modern amenities like a poolside theater and well-appointed cabins with balconies, fridges, and TVs. For more space, you can look for a 2-bedroom family suite or mini-suite. The Sanctuary, Zumba, educational programming and lectures, Club Class Room, and wine tastings are other highlights of the Star.

Emerald Princess

Known for its sleek and spacious cabins, Emerald Princess is another big and lavish cruise of the cruise line. With most of the cabins offering sea views, it is one of the ideal choices for those seeking true relaxation. The 3080-passenger ship which was last updated in 2019 has got a lot to offer – the Lotus Spa, outdoor movies, a photography studio, youth clubs, seven whirlpool spas, four pool areas, several dining venues, and lots more. Diners will also love eating at the new Planks BBQ venue.

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