7 Best Places For Christmas Cruise 2020

christmas cruise 2020

As Christmas comes near, choosing the next destination to go with your loved ones can be a challenge. We all know that this is the time to build memories and spend quality time with your family. Perhaps, this brief article about Christmas cruise 2020 will help you decide where to go next time you book for a ticket with your family.

Best Christmas Cruise 2020: Canary Islands

If you prefer to spend the summer season while still remaining in Europe, why not go to the Canary Islands? The place is frequently visited by many people because even during the Yuletide season, the islands’ average temperature can still reach up to 22 Celsius. While many European hotspots hibernate during winter, Thomson Cruises and Holland America Line still continue to accept itineraries to the islands for the whole December. So, if you want a quieter setting while still being able to enjoy the endless sound of waves, then start planning to go there right away.

Caribbean And The Bahamas

If you haven’t spent all your money on the entirety of the Christmas season, then you might still have a chance to visit the Caribbean. This place is widely known for its superb and stunning sceneries. December is the perfect time to visit the place since the last day of November marks the end of the hurricane season.

Booking will be easy since there are numerous terms of ships and itineraries here and there. One example is Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas, which offers travel throughout the month. Moreover, as one of the world’s largest cruise ships, there are countless ways to dine and enjoy your stay in there.

Norwegian Fjords

Christmas Cruise 2020 For Every Traveller
7 Best Places For Christmas Cruise 2020

Have a cold, wonderful cruise though the Norwegian Fjords during Christmas time. One of its highlights includes Scandinavia’s bustling capital cities. You’ll get a chance to see snow-capped hills along the waterways of the Fjords to evoke a memorable and romantic setting. Feast on the best delicacies and get cozy in your cabin at night as the cold breeze flows through the top deck of your ship. However, itineraries are only limited during this time, so it’s better to approach Hurtigruten instead.

Southern Belle

Located south of Spain, temperature in Southern Belle can reach up to 16 Celsius. Try to have an Andalusian Christmas while sailing along the Guadalquivir on a 6-day cruise. On board the MS La Belle de Cadix, you’ll get the chance to see the place’s highlights, like the Christmas Mass in El Puerto de Santa. Additionally, the food and wine included in your itinerary is A+.

New York

Try to spend your Christmas nights in New York to feel those quintessential room-com settings. The place never goes out of opportunities to make your Christmas worthwhile and a memorable one. With regular snowfalls and huge department stores, your family will definitely want to stay there instead. Cunard liner offers a one-way itinerary to New York and it is the best cruise to maximize the experience.

Cape Crusader

Cape Crusader is the Mother City of South Africa and home of authentic village feasts. The place also contains a handful of hotspots for you to visit, like the safaris. If ever you got the booking, your journey starts with an overnight in Cape town, then the route continues to Maputo, Durban, Port Elizabeth, and Luderitz. Departing on December, the price is reasonable enough for every one interested in joining.


Christmas Cruise 2020 In Europe
7 Best Places For Christmas Cruise 2020

Amsterdam can also be a great choice if you’re looking for a Christmas cruise. Home to Europe’s biggest and most famous markets, Amsterdam is abundant with festive spirits during December. Cruise1st offers an itinerary onboard Magellan which gives passengers a chance to Amsterdam’s hotspots, including the Belgian city of Antwerp.


Enjoy the Yuletide season by trying new places with your family. Hopefully, this article will help you where to book for the next trip.

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