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8 Best Luxury Cruise Liner of 2020

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Planning for a vacation involves careful preparation and picking the right luxury cruise liner for you and your family. Nowadays, going from port to port is made easier, thanks to advanced vessels that offer the best experience you can have from cruising. This interesting article will show you this year’s best luxury liners.

Luxury Cruise Liner Highlight: Seaburn

This luxury liner owns about five vessels in its commercial fleet – all of them offering premium services. Due to its mutual partnership with UNESCO, it can take you to some of the world’s best natural preserves, as the company’s emphasis is all about immersion. Seaburn brings you to exotic places in order to be educational. Its dining services are also topnotch since there are no specialty restaurants.

Crystal Cruises

This is one of the companies that offer high-end, and exclusive excursions so that passengers will surely be immersed for the journey. Moreover, the company has around 2,000 excursions from all over the world under its belt, which makes it truly impressive. Inside, you’ll find live music, comedy shows, theatre performances, and a fabulous spa. Lastly, its services also offer a private butler – all at a reasonable price.

SeaDream Yatch Club

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8 Best Luxury Cruise Liner of 2020

SeaDream Yatch Club is known for its impressive yatching experience. Two of its ships can carry up to 94 to 112 guests to various Transatlantic crossings. Additionally, its third ship called the Seadream Innovation, is expected to be completed by 2021. It will include marinas, wave runners, kayaks, and sailboats. Meanwhile, adults can also use mountain bikes, do skiing, and snorkeling. All dining accommodations are already included in the fare.

Oceania Cruises

For those who prefer something deluxe, Oceania Cruises is the best bet. Although it’s not as all-inclusive as most of the luxury liners, guest can still experience exquisite dining, and superb accommodations. The liner also includes spacious staterooms with comfortable foam beds. Moreover, its services include a culinary center, spa, and some lively musical entertainment. Lastly, the fare tends to be lower than most of the luxury ships around.

Windstar Cruises

If you want something five-star but still sticking to its traditional roots, then this luxury line is for you. It includes private staterooms, Egyptian themed linens, and plush bathrobes. The cuisine is also topnotch because it is prepared by award-winning chefs on board. Lastly, its open-bridge policy, and elegant viewing lounges make it stand out to others.


Ponant has been providing luxury cruises since 1988. But in 2009, they decided to be more than that. Nowadays, they are one of the best cruises one can find. Its “French” theme blends modern technology with traditional ones.

Cruising with this ship won’t let you feel overcrowded as well. On board, you’ll have a chance to see some water wonders underneath the ship, through a reinforced glass. Lastly, most of the dining features French cuisine.


Silversea’s five-star services make sure you are really pampered, at reasonable prices. Once inside, you’ll find an abundance of wine, and topnotch dining accommodations. They also offer butler services and educational lectures. Choosing this liner will let you experience a “hybrid” feeling between yatching and cruising.

Regent Seven Seas

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8 Best Luxury Cruise Liner of 2020

For an extra-luxurious experience with reasonable pricing, go for Regent Seven Seas. Known for its premium accommodations, Regent operates four ships, each carrying about 700 passengers in modern, elegant suites, with private minibars and balconies. Here on Regent, everything is already included as a whole. This includes a private butler and a dedicated concierge. There are interesting amenities as well, like spa, and lively shows.


There are many luxury liners for you to choose from, and each of them has their own unique experience. Therefore, pick the best one that fits your taste and lifestyle.

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