9 Most Popular Europe River Cruise

europe river cruise

There are many popular Europe river cruise that you can try each year. However, most get overlooked by an average consumer, mainly because choosing among them can be a daunting task sometimes. Therefore, this feature will help you bring out options instead. Here are the 9 most popular river cruise in Europe right now.

Most Popular Europe River Cruise: Elbe Cruises

The Elbe River gives you a chance to travel Germany from the Czech Republic. Five cities that you will be passing through is already enough to build a ton of memories. At Meissen, you’ll see the finest porcelains ever made. Meanwhile, in Dresden, Zwinger Palace and Seper Opera House is waiting for you to be visited.

Christmas Markets Cruises

Christmas market cruises is something one mustn’t miss. They have a long-standing history with most of European cities. Also, these markets aren’t just limited to one river because every cruise line will give you a chance to experience Christmas Market cruises. The best ones are in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and France.

Danube Cruises

Because it passes through 10 different countries, cruising here can give you a ton of memories. It’s even featured in Johann Strauss’ most famous waltzes. Cruises between Hungary and Germany are usually offered. Other highlights of Europe’s second largest river include Vienna, or going to Salzburg – Mozart’s birthplace.

Tulip Cruises

europe river cruise for you and your loved ones
9 Most Popular Europe River Cruise

Tulip Cruises offers voyages from Belgium to Netherlands in a themed manner. Also, it is one of the best river cruise lines in Europe that offers topnotch accommodations. This is an ideal choice during late spring which is a perfect time to travel to Amsterdam. After seeing Keukenhof Gardens, you’ll know why this is one of the best river cruises around.

Rhine Cruises

Rhine cruises are the best ones in Europe because they offer a chance to see those stunning sceneries and old castles. On a typical 7-night cruise through Amsterdam, you can expect to pass through Cologne, Basel, and Koblenz. Visiting the Rhine Gorge can also be possible. Stops depend on the cruise you picked, but there are countless options and unlimited possibilities for you to experience.

Seine Cruises

Seine River runs through Paris then passes through Normandy and the English Channel. It includes some historically significant places like the WWII beachheads. Almost all cruises on Seine offer all-day excursions to Normandy’s D-Day beaches, like the Omaha Beach. More to that, you’ll also get to see the Point du Hoc monument and the American Cemetery.

Moselle Cruises

Moselle Cruises is also one of your best itineraries if you want to go through France, Luxembourg, and Germany. The place is known for its medieval architecture, and supple grapes. So, if you’re there, you’ll see various wines lining up every line. Moreover, a picturesque view of Remich, Luxembourg is also on the horizon.

Main Cruises

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9 Most Popular Europe River Cruise

Main river was formed from the blending between the Red and White Main. Typically, river cruises in along the Main combine cruises on the Danube. Cruising in the Main will let you see Frankfurt and Nuremberg. However, the main highlight of this cruise is the chance to visit Wolfgang Von Goethe’s house.

Douro Cruises

This cruise is dedicated for people who are wine-lovers. They include European destinations like Porto and Lisbon. Additionally, this cruise line is dedicated for wine-lovers since it passes through the Douro River Valley, which happens to be a UNESCO site. Lastly, this cruise line will give you the opportunity to have an overnight stay in Porto and wander its streets during daytime.


The river cruise liners mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. You can try searching for more options online if it suits your liking.

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