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A Review of Small Luxury Cruise Lines

small luxury cruise lines

Small luxury cruise ships are a great option for people looking to travel to exotic locations all over the world. These types of cruises typically have fewer guests and are more intimate than their larger counterparts. These smaller ships are usually much smaller than the large cruise ships and some of them only have between 200 and 300 total guest capacity. While that is not a lot of people, it is still a good deal smaller than the hundreds of thousands of people who board major cruise ships. And these fewer passengers have better amenities and chances to interact with other guests.

An Overview

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There are plenty of things that you should know about the smaller cruise lines and how they work. Experts say that it takes a more dedicated staff to run these types of cruises because it is not like a traditional cruise line. Each vessel has its manager and the ship’s chef. The guests typically eat on the ship and there are special dining areas where the regular guests dine as well.

This kind of itinerary is more intimate than the ones that many large cruise lines operate. But the intimacy is worth it for some people. Experts say that smaller ships allow more personal interaction between the passengers and the ship’s crew. These personalized touches add a level of comfort and enjoyment to these trips. Also, these personalized interactions are a great way to spend time with friends and family that normally would be spent at a hotel or resort.

Awesome Feature

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Smaller luxury cruise ships are also known for their more intimate fare because there are fewer guests on board. For example, smaller ships are less likely to have more than two couples or families on board. On the other hand, these smaller ships often have a party atmosphere where there are more guests. Smaller cruises generally have fewer guests, as opposed to big cruise ships that cater to family groups and have many adults on board. These smaller ships tend to be geared more towards couples, families, singles, and small group vacations.

Some passengers do have complaints about the service they receive from the cruise lines. Perhaps you’ve heard that some guests have been treated rudely by an employee of a certain line. There have also been complaints that while waiting for their cruise ship to depart port, passengers waited in long lines just to get the doors open. In some cases, these passengers had to stand for hours in the cold to get to their stateroom. Experts say that this is not exactly what they’re paying for when they pay for the service.

Best In Market

Many people say that the food on these smaller ships is substandard compared to the quality you find on bigger cruise ships. However, experts say that this is an issue of preference. It would depend on your preferences, whether or not you think that the food served on an everyday cruise ship is better than what you’ll get on a luxury liner. Onboard dining is usually buffet style, which is a good way to try out different foods while on a vacation. The dining room will sometimes have customers walking around to check out the different dining options as well as interacting with the staff.

Smaller cruise lines also don’t allow passengers to bring their own small electronic devices onboard. There are many gadgets such as laptops and cell phones that passengers can take with them on board, but the staterooms do not accommodate these. These gadgets must be stored in the cabin on board or they will be charged per minute until boarding. Experts say that this is simply not necessary, especially for travelers who know they won’t be using their electronics for a few days or even for a week.


One of the biggest complaints from passengers is the size of the rooms. Smaller ships often have smaller staterooms and the amount of room available is limited. On larger ocean cruises, each stateroom is slightly larger. The result is that some passengers will be able to sit near the middle of the ship and still comfortably sit down. On smaller river cruises, the amount of room available is less than half of what the passenger gets on a large ship.

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