A Review of the Popular Royal Caribbean Cruises

royal caribbean ships

Cruising with Royal Caribbean Ships offers a wide variety of packages to cater to different types of travelers. One advantage that this company has over its competitors is that it offers a lifetime guarantee on any cruise even if the traveler files a claim for a special injury sustained on the ship.


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Royal Caribbean Cruises offer all-inclusive cruise trips inclusive of meals, beverage and amusement such as live stage shows, magic shows, gambling, sport fishing and many other entertainment activities. The ships are equipped with modern facilities and services that will make the trip more enjoyable. At the end of the trip all meals are served on board, unless otherwise specified. These ships are famous for their cuisine that is exquisite and has been named as one of the best restaurants by the World Travel Awards.


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All rooms on these ships are comfortable and well furnished with the latest technological advances. Onboard amenities include superior bedding and personal care services. The captains and owners of the Royal Caribbean Cruises are dedicated to the satisfaction of their guests. They are ready to help and ensure satisfaction to each person who boards their ships. Each cruise ship has its own on board service including a doctor on board, a pool, gym and health club, bar and lounge, a casino and a fully stocked bar.


Most people take vacations in order to get away from the normal routines they have. But, cruises can be a great way to spend a week or two at a stretch. Cruise ships are well appointed and offer an array of facilities which allow passengers to relax and enjoy. All passengers are given on-board supervision by a skipper who is trained in all necessary ship procedures. The Royal Caribbean cruise ships are also well equipped with medical services ranging from emergency medical assistance to on-board emergency departments and doctors on deck. There is also a registered nurse on-board every ship and she is always on duty.


The size of the Royal Caribbean Ship is the largest of all cruise ships and it can accommodate up to one hundred and eighty people. The ship has a capacity of over five thousand nine hundred and forty two feet long, but it can also carry as much as one thousand and three hundred guests. The Royal Caribbean ships are listed on the New York Line and the Carnival cruise lines and has been in the cruising business since the early nineteen seventies. There have been a lot of changes in the design and furnishings on these ships as well as other factors like environment and economy. The largest passenger vessel to leave the docks is the American Cruise Lines ship the Queen Mary 2 which docked in San Diego.


The Queen Mary 2 is one of the largest passenger ships in the world and it is also the oldest of the Royal Caribbean ships. The Queen Mary has had a lot of modifications and improvements made to her hulls and also the accommodation and dining rooms have been modernized as well as the ports and decks have been remodeled. The passengers of this ship are entitled to a free daily shower and bath while on board and the meals served on these ships are considered very good value for money. The gross tonnage of the passengers of the American Cruise Lines Queen Mary 2 who left San Diego in 2021 was the largest ever recorded by that company and this made it the most popular cruise of that year.


This cruise is an example of fine standard amenities with the most important highlight being the larger and more comfortable berths. The majority of the ships have comfortable deck rooms and this is where the majority of the relaxed atmosphere takes place. The Royal Caribbean ships have got their name from their discolorations and this includes the black granite slabs for the dining room table. The Royal Caribbean ships do not have any restaurants on board but the food served on the cruise is of very high quality with excellent service. The main article in the Ovation review talks about the dining room service and says that they serve a very good meal which is served on silver service.

Wrapping Up

The Royal Caribbean ships are also famous for their Quantum-class cruise ships which are extremely luxurious with all-day breakfast buffets, sumptuous cocktails, fresh fruits and drinks, state-of-the art cuisine, live entertainment and much more. There is also an extensive choice of fine wines. The Quantum-class ships provide accommodation for those interested in spending a few days or weeks at sea but the Ovation review talks about a lack of activities on these ships for the same reason. They do however provide the guest with a buffet and a few live entertainment events on board and this includes dance music and occasional games.

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