Be Amused With A Halong Luxury Cruise -

Be Amused With A Halong Luxury Cruise

halong luxury cruise

Who doesn’t want to experience a luxury stay in a five-star cruise? If you are one of those travelers who are yearning to have the most lavish and luxurious experience of your life, then let us take you to the Halong luxury cruise ride. Yes! You heard it right. Halong bay offers you some of the most lavish and exquisite experience through the most famous cruise rides it has to offer. We have shortlisted some of the most famous cruises to make your Halong luxury cruise ride a magnificent experience. You name it, and they have them all. Here is the complete list for you to choose from.

Top 4 Halong Luxury Cruise

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From wonderful cabins to outstanding chefs, to the most outstanding ambiance and amenities, all of these Halong luxury cruises have them all. You can see and compare them according to your needs and requirements.

1. Paradise Peak Cruise

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It is one of the most traditional cruise sailings in the Halong bay. Being made up of wooden junk, it is one of a kind. It consists of eight magnificent suites that have the essence of classical architecture. The classic furniture and the outstanding artworks add to the charm of this cruise. You can get a private balcony and a private front terrace with a premium suite. In contrast, you can have your private dining area in a junior suite. The dining room has a beautiful ambiance along with the rich variety of cuisines on-board. It also consists of Sauna, Jacuzzi, library, spa, and gym.

2. Heritage Halong Luxury Cruise

It consists of twenty suites that are opulent in their own way. You can enjoy the blend of Vietnamese along with French-Indochina touch. Each of the units offers you a private balcony and beautiful paintings. The cabin rooms are highly spacious. It has a large heated swimming pool, large library, White lotus spa, etc.

3. Stellar of the Seas Cruises

As the name suggests, it is a star among all. It is particularly the most contemporary and latest luxury cruise. It has a sophisticated design to be applauded for. It consists of 22 superb suites that have plenty of everything to offer you. They consist of a sun terrace, sloping roof glass windows, jacuzzi, etc. You can even have a game of golf on its 3rd deck. Also, it consists of a large swimming pool.

4. President Halong Luxury Cruise

President Halong Luxury Cruise is the grandest ship that is gliding on the Halong Bay. Forty-six super spacious cabins are spread across five decks. They consist of sophisticated, sleek, and super-stylish décor. Each cabin has a private terrace, suite bathroom, and all kinds of modern comforts. You can enjoy the outdoor jacuzzis on the cruise’s two sundecks.


Halong luxury cruise rides are known for the most extravagant family-friendly tourist destinations. They offer you some of the most memorable moments of your life. There are a lot of cruises that offer you exquisite cruise rides in the Halong bay. The prices vary from cruise to cruise and season to season. Therefore, before booking your Halong luxury cruise stay, have a look at the options mentioned above for the best experience.

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