Best Cruise ships - Enjoy your Vacation Seamlessly -

Best Cruise ships – Enjoy your Vacation Seamlessly

Best Luxury Cruise

Luxury cruise has long enticed travelers seeking a superior experience- Some offer exotic voyages to faraway destinations, while others attract traveler with comfortable cabins.

A luxury cruise is an unbelievable vacation experience-, with celebrity treatment at every turn. Luxury cruise knows how to pamper the guests: expect stunningly appointed lodgings and tranquil spas offering generous treatments, and authentic sensualist dining at every meal, whether you enjoy it in a classy restaurant.

Here is a list of the Best Luxury Cruise

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Maiden Voyage

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It’s a colossal ship stretching out over three hundred sixty-two meters and capable of fitting six thousand seven hundred eighty passengers on board at maximum occupancy with an additional 2,300 crewmembers. The vessel is divided into a total of seven neighborhoods. There’s the Royal promenade which is a two-deck-high mall that is home to bars, restaurants, and shops.

MSC SEA side

The 323-meter long vessel has a maximum capacity of 5,331 passengers and 1400 crew members the waterfront the boardwalk is an extended area of decking complete with restaurants bars and places to relax and walk while offering you an unparalleled view of the features an innovative Sun Lounger design that allows you to go straight from sunbathing to swimming .overboard there are a state-of-the-art gym and spa as well as a four-deck tall atrium where guests can enjoy live entertainment.

Disney Dream

Disney Dream which entered service in 2011 at maximum occupancy it could take on 4,000 passengers with a further 1458 crew members as a Disney Cruiser you can expect to see a whole bunch of Disney themed attractions on the ship for kids. There’s the Disney OCEANEER Club focused on children between 3 and 12 years old. There’s Andy’s room where kids can hang with a Toy Story gang.

This water coaster is said to be the first of its kind at sea and takes you around the entire ship. The 765 feet of tubes gives you breathtaking views of the ocean. The boat below including a trip off the side of the vessel and a four-deck drop.

Queen Mary 2

It is a unique ship it’s said to be the only passenger ship as of this year to be an ocean liner this means it travels the long distance across entire oceans instead of just traveling along the coastline of a country and capable of carrying 2695 passengers as well as 1253 officers and crew on its journey as a flagship.

Queen Mary 2 features the world’s only planetarium at sea illuminations keeping with the educational theme there’s even an expansive onboard library filled with thousands of books. It’s trips back to the basics aiming at the older demographic. The walls lined with over 5,000 commissioned pieces of art and their performances of Shakespeare on the main stage.


If you get bored staying in one place for a week at a land-based resort, but hate the hassle of moving from place to place. luxury cruise offers the best of both worlds every morning. You’ll wake up in a new destination with an array of activities on offer you only have to unpack once the ship moves while you play and sleep.

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