Best Luxury Cruise Vietnam In 2021 -

Best Luxury Cruise Vietnam In 2021

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A luxury cruise trip is surely a pleasant experience where you enjoy a great view as well as some peace. Every luxury cruise ship has spas, lounges, swimming pools, restaurants, casinos, and many more to keep you entertained all the time. If you are someone planning to visit Vietnam then you should also check out these amazing luxury cruise options in 2021. Each cruise offers specific quality and facilities to passengers. Moreover, prices are higher or different in each of these. So, you can choose what suits your budget the best. 

Heritage Cruise

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The cruise departs from the port located at Lux Cruise Lounge, No 28, Tuan Chau Pier. There are 20 different kinds of suites and some of the most notable ones are Captain, Ocean, Delta, and Regal suites offered at the Heritage Cruise. This luxury cruise is spacious and each suite comes with a private balcony. Tickets for the Heritage cruise cost around $130. As the name suggests, the place is a blend of Vietnamese culture and heritage. You will find a wondrous art gallery, spa, floating library and so much more. 

Scarlet Pearl Cruise 

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The 23 cabin luxury cruise will cost about $125 which is the least compared to other cruise ships. All the cabins come with a smart control system. The 4 remarkable suites include Silver Pearl, Golden Pearl, Onyx Pearl, and lastly Scarlet Pearl. There are facilities for a private balcony. On the second day, catamarans are accessible too. It is good to fully enjoy vacations and a cruise like this one lets you enjoy. The cruise departs at Sun International Pier, Halong, Quang Ninh. It’s a two-day and one-night-long cruise trip. Enjoy the scenic beauty and feel relaxed at Scarlet Pearl Cruise.  

Mon Cheri Cruise

Mon Cheri Cruise is a bit on the pricier side as its tickets will cost $195 but it is one of the finest cruises. This cruise is styled in a mixed manner. It showcases European as well as Vietnamese themes. The cruise has also received five-star ratings and without a doubt, it’s definitely worth your money. The 4 famous suites at Mon Cheri Cruise are Ocean, Elegance, Mon Cheri, and President Suites. You can enjoy the view from your private balcony at any time. Another special quality is that the cruise serves authentic Halal food. No worries as they are Halal certified. 


For those planning a trip to Vietnam, a luxury cruise is not a bad option. Going on a cruise will be one peaceful yet adventurous experience. If you are interested then here are the 3 best luxury cruise ships that have received the top rating so far. Heritage Cruise, Scarlet Pearl Cruise as well as Mon Cheri Cruise are also the most popular cruise tours among tourists. Moreover, prices are different for each cruise and even suites. 

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