Best River Cruises Experience: How To Craft One For Yourself

Are you consider going to river cruises? You need to make sure you experience the best tour of your lifetime. While the cruise company will invariably take care of most of the things, but you do have some duties on your side. Just like ocean cruises and expedition cruises, river cruises require preparation.

What are the River Cruises?

River Cruises
Best River Cruises Experience: How To Craft One For Yourself

River cruises are those cruise trips taken on a river. It is unlike ocean cruises that take place on the ocean. So the passage for the cruise ship is the river. But not all rivers in the world are suitable for river cruising. Ideally, the river has to belong, deep, and wide enough to fit the ship perfectly. Also, there should be minimal obstacles like bridges.

These type of cruise trips offer a different kind of experience. You’ll be going through cities and villages. There’s also a high chance to encounter wildlife. Besides that, the ships are relatively smaller in size and so are the amenities available – they’re fewer in number.

How much River Cruise Cost?

River Cruise Cost

River cruises don’t actually cost as much as ocean cruises. And the price varies by operator, country, river, and seasonality. The final factor can create a huge difference in pricing. If you’re visiting in peak season, then you should expect to pay more for the cruise ride. And if you’re booking in the off-season, then the prices are going to be cheap.

But on an average, river cruise rides cost somewhere between 2500 to 500 USD per person for a week-long ride. Multiply the number by the total number of people in your group and you get the final price. Usually, the cruise companies provide a discount for a group booking. So check into that too.

Tips for Best Cruise Experience

River Cruise Trip
Best River Cruises Experience: How To Craft One For Yourself

So here comes the main section. How do you craft the best river cruising experience for your tour? Here are some tried-and-tested tips you can implement:

Plan in Advance

he ideal time frame is 2-3 months ahead of when you’re planning to go on a river cruise. Also, arrive 1-2 days in the port and explore the city before departing.

Choose the right river

Choosing the right river is key. The river should meet your expectations of what you want to see and experience. Not every river provides the same experience. Nile river will be completely different than Amazon river. So do some research beforehand.

Check medical complications, if any

If you’ve got any medical complications, then it is advised to get checked and purchase recommended medications. Once the trip begins, it’d be hard for you to do so. If the complications seem serious, do not hesitate to abort the river cruise trip.

Advanced Tips

Go for a premium or business class wherever possible

If you’re booking the river cruise purely for vacation purposes, then the business class is the place to be. It provides the ultimate holiday experience and ensures you’re looked after the entire time of the tour.

Don’t overspend

Even if you’re booking a business class, you should always keep unnecessary expenses away. There will be quite a few amenities on the cruise, so it can be quite tempting to spend money at those. But make sure you remain within the spending limits.

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