Boarding A Virgin Cruise Ship - Here Are The Services You Can Expect And Other Facts -

Boarding A Virgin Cruise Ship – Here Are The Services You Can Expect And Other Facts

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Virgin Cruises is one of the most well known and experienced cruise ship lines in the world. These ships provide a wonderful, romantic and affordable way to explore the Caribbean and the rest of the Mediterranean. Cruising has become popular for families, couples and singles alike, as it offers an inexpensive way to see the world. With so many islands to visit and activities to participate in, there’s never a dull moment on a Virgin Cruise.

The company boasts seven million guests a year! This is quite a large number, but it is by no means a record. That statistic is from last year, when 4.7 million guests took a cruise on the Queen Elizabeth, the largest ship ever used. With such high demand, the company has been working hard to expand its fleet to keep up with the demand. So where are they currently at in their expansion plans? And where are they hoping to meet the challenge of the next decade?

Virgin Cruise Ship Planning 

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Planning for Virgin Cruises in the next two decades is underway. Here’s what we’re hearing about for the next two years: We expect to have four new ships to participate in cruises each year. In the future there may also be additional stops in the Bahamas and Mexican ports. A new cruise ship for the Bahamas or a stopover in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico could very well lead to Virgin Cruises joining the Alaska franchise.

For the second half of this decade we will get to participate in cruises to the Mediterranean. The next image shows us some of the destinations that Virgin Cruises will be visiting. The Bahamas and the Mexican Caribbean are always part of any plans. But beyond that the list is fairly empty.

Destinations For Trip 

A boat is docked next to a body of water

At the present time, the only confirmed destination is Miami. Other possible destinations include St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Aruba and Turks and Caicos. That’s right, cruises to the Caribbean are expected to start in Aruba in 2021 and go on to visit multiple other islands before ending in Miami. If the rumors are true and the official announcement is made official then this timeframe could move up to just after Christmas of next year.

Now for the important part. We now know that at least two ships will be participating in the Bahamas and Mexican-Caribbean voyages. But we still don’t know for sure if we’ll see two more ships in the fleet. We know that Tom Mcalpin is the captain of the Miami ship and he has the job to direct all of the ship’s activities.

Evening Club On The Ship

So let’s look at this next image shows what to expect in the evening club on board the ship. We’re assuming that alcohol will be served as it is on board the Razzle Dazzle. It looks like there will also be a bar area which will be open late. The other possibility is that there will be dance floors as well as several fireplaces throughout the ship. I’m assuming that they will be able to stay open until midnight.

Summing Up

Tom Mcalpin is the captain of the schooner ship SS Rio Grande. He has been a member of the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines since the early seventies. In addition to the Bahamas and Mexican-Caribbean voyages, he is responsible for the company’s other ships including the Waverley, Sea Ray and the Costa Cruises. In addition to serving as a guest captain, Tom has also served as an instructor and yacht captain for the training crews of the Cruise Line. If you would like to experience something new aboard a ship that offers all inclusive vacations, then you might want to consider signing on for one of the Caribbean voyages.

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