Choosing The Best Round World Cruise For You

round world cruise

The question, “When and Where does Round World Cruise Ships Begin?” is a question of the past, as more people are beginning to enjoy taking a trip around the world by cruise ship.

Start Of The Round World Cruises

Round World Cruises begins in January in the North Pole, at such popular cruise embarkation sites as London, Venice, Madrid, Rome, New York, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Los Angeles, and Barcelona and end in March, April or May. It is a truly unique experience to see different parts of the globe at once. The only problem is that the itineraries are very flexible and the routes can be very long and winding, so it can be difficult to schedule a round-the-world cruise during peak holiday seasons or when you have to leave on short notice.

A Round World Cruise ship will leave from its original destination at the same time but will stop for a few days in different ports, and then resume its journey. This allows you to spend more time exploring different destinations and perhaps to visit more countries. Most cruises will take between nine and ten days to complete the journey around the world, although some last for a week or two longer. As long as the itinerary you choose allows you enough time to travel around the globe, a Round World Cruise is an ideal choice.

Places To Visit In The Round World Cruises

Some of the most popular destinations for Round World Cruises include Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Greece, Egypt, and Italy. There are also other popular destinations that are considered by experts to be destinations, such as Canada, Japan, Germany, South Korea and Russia. Of course, there are also smaller islands and nations that are ideal destinations. All of these destinations are popular because they offer some great things for travelers.

If you are planning a round-the-world cruise, one of your first questions should be, “When does the Round World Cruise ship depart from its origin and when does it return?” You will want to be able to get a sense of the time difference between your departure and arrival and the length of your vacation. While the time difference between arrival and departure may not seem like much, it can make all the difference to your enjoyment of your trip.

Consider All The Important Dates, Locations And Schedule

In addition to the departure date, you should also consider where you are going and when it stops, since you will be traveling through many different ports and airports. Some cruise lines only sail to ports in Europe, while others go all over the world. You will also want to find out how many stops there will be on your itinerary, since this can be a significant factor in cost.

Of course, you should look at the different ports that the ship is leaving from as well. If you live in an area that experiences extreme cold, ice and rain, you should book your cruise in a port that experiencing milder temperatures. If you are going to a country that has lots of sunshine and warm temperatures, you should consider booking a cruise in the Caribbean or in a place with lower humidity. Finally, consider any weather restrictions or delays in your destination when determining which ports to visit. When the weather is favorable, there is always the possibility of purchasing extra tickets so that you can travel at the earliest time possible.


Round World Cruises is certainly unique. They offer a unique, one of a kind, vacation experience that offers passengers a chance to visit lots of different destinations at the same time. Because of this, the dates of departure and return can vary depending on the season. In some cases, it might take more than one round-trip, but in other cases it might be easier to book for just one trip if you want.

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