Client Reviews to Princess Cruise Lines

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Princess Cruises Line got started when 3 former executives from the American President Lines decided on their 1st cruise line. The company has continued to grow and now sails with a fleet of 9 ships, offering vacations in both the Caribbean and Mexican Riviera.

Here are some reviews from passengers who enjoyed their time on a Princess Cruise Line.

They are Accommodating

A large ship in a body of water

A passenger who went on the Princess Cruises Line wrote in their review that they were pleased with the service offered by Princess Cruise Lines. They stated that one of their favorite features was being able to book shore excursions through their television set in their cabin room. They also enjoyed watching movies under the stars during their trip and noted that even the employees were friendly.

They Offer Great Food

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Another passenger who went on a Princess Cruise Line commented in their review that they enjoyed being able to taste different types of food during their trip. They said that there were plenty of options to choose from, whether you wanted to eat at the buffet or dine in one of the sit-down restaurants. They also stated that the staff was friendly and offered them service.

They Keep Things Interesting

An onboard passenger on the Princess Cruises Line wrote that they enjoyed how there were always activities to take in, even during the port stops. They noted that there was something for everyone, whether it be a cooking class or a tour of a local brewery! They also commented positively on the entertainment, saying that they never went to bed early since there was always something going on.

They Offer Low Fares

A passenger who went on the Princess Cruises Line said that they were able to book an affordable trip. They added that while there were low fares, the service did not suffer and was still excellent. They commented that their cabins were very comfortable and quiet, even when other people moved around in them. They also said that the food was delicious and praised the dining staff.

They Are Not Afraid to Try New Things

An onboard passenger of the Princess Cruise Line stated that they were impressed with how Princess Cruises had tried out new ideas when it comes to entertainment. They said that the most impressive feature was being able to send videos of you singing to friends and family. They also added that there were plenty of activities to choose from on their trip.

They Are Easy to Reach

One reviewer who was on board the Princess Cruises Line wrote that they would recommend others to book with Princess Cruises because of how easily accessible they were. They said that even though they had tried calling other cruise lines before, no one had picked up. However, when they had reached out to Princess Cruises, they were able to solve their issue right away.

They are Perfect for Families

One passenger who went on a Caribbean Cruise with Princess Cruise Lines said in their review that they were initially nervous about traveling with their children. They stated that everyone from the staff to the other passengers made them feel welcome and comfortable, making it easy to enjoy themselves. The parent also commented on the activities available for people of all ages and said they would travel with the company again.

Final Words

Princess Cruise Lines is an excellent choice for those looking to enjoy a relaxing vacation. The company gets several positive reviews from passengers and continues to offer low fares along with better service! Be sure to check them out if you are interested in cruising! You might find the trip of your dreams!

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