Coolest Cruise Ship Lego Sets

Cruise Ship Lego

Meta- Here are some of the coolest cruise ship lego sets that you can have so that you can engage in a family activity.

Lego is one of the most fantastic construction toys, but you can give it to your little ones. You can interlock the plastic bricks to make something cool, and even adults are a fan of the same. It has an expanded fan base, and it is one of the best pastimes for the kids. But even in this vast dimension of construction Lego, the best ones you can find are the cruise ship Lego sets. The joy of building a cruise ship is magnanimous, and it attracts many adults and kids. Everything is possible to make when you have a proper Lego set, and here are some of the best ones.

Maersk Triple E Container Ship Lego Set

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This is one of the coolest ship-themed Lego sets that you can have in the market. It is one of the massive container ships that you can find in a Lego set and comprises 1500 bricks of different types. If you want, you can also customize it by removing some containers and making them smaller. There is detailed information on the ship that you can find, and the finishing touch is fantastic as well. This model is one of the most beautiful ones for all the Lego fans out there.

Lego City Port-Cruise Ship Lego Sets

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Now you can create a put along with the ship, and the entire set will look amazing. The whole group will comprise two containers, one cargo truck, a 1-speed boat, captain fisherman, and three other Minifigures. It has many accessories, which is why you will have a fun time putting it together. The final output will be unique, and you can get it ready for the next destination. There is a crane that is 48 CM tall, and it can spin up to 360 degrees.

Lego Icebreaker Ship-Cruise Ship Lego Sets

This is a solid Lego set, which comprises seven different accessories. There are four explorers, one scientist, a pilot, and a captain. There is also a removable bridge and a steering wheel, and all of it is entirely functional. There are two different cargo containers which incorporate a helipad and cockpit as well. This is an excellent set for all the other Lego lovers indifferent to the age.

Maersk Sealand Container Ship

Among all the designers out there, it is one of the favorite ships. It is manufactured in Denmark and creates the replica of the world’s largest shipping company. There are 990 pieces, and you can make a great ship with these. Even the adults are a fan of this Cruise ship Lego set, and you can build them accurately with the help of the instruction manual. It comprises the shipping container vessel and will look as if it is ready for the journey. The replica looks very much real, just like the actual Cruise ship but smaller.


When you go, you are buying Cruise ship Lego sets, always buy something that has a word of mouth reputation. You will love the assembling process, and even your kids can take part in it. So what are you waiting for?

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