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There are several lines that operate out of the port of Los Angeles, California, the largest port in the world. Some of the more famous lines include Disney Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruises, Holland American Line, Carnival Cruise Line, Crystal Cruises, Oceania Cruises, Princess Cruises, Radisson Seven Seas, Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean International, Royal Jet Line, Seabourne, and Disney’s own ship, the Disney Cruise Line. Disney Cruise Line operates four ships: Disney Magic, Disney Fantasy, Disney Heroes, and Disney Cruise Wild. These ships visit all the ports of call on the West Coast of the United States, as well as many international ports. All the ships of this line share common features, including a snack bar, pool, staterooms, family activities, onshore activities, onboard entertainment, souvenir shop, souvenir cabinets, onboard physician, among others.

Disney Cruise Line

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In the past, the Disney Cruise Line operated vessels for a single company called Disney World. But in 1996, the company changed ownership and renounced its ties with WDW (Walt Disney World). In its place came the Disney Cruise Line. This marked a new beginning for this port Canaveral line. Now, instead of operating just out of the Hollywood Studios area in Los Angeles, it operates all over the world, in every seaside resort where Disney Cruise Lines docks.

Disney Cruise Line now has four ships, in total, which operate between the United States and around the world. The Disney Magic is the largest of the Disney Cruise Line and the second largest ship of the company. It is docked at the Port Of LA, on Disney’s home port. Disney Magic carries over 7 million gallons of drinkable water on board, as well as hundreds of dining options. There are also over two thousand gambling venues, two discos, two live theaters, as well as over a hundred guest decks with twenty-four restaurants and bars.

The Disney Dream is the second smallest of the Disney Cruise Line but is the second ship of the Disney Family of ships. The Disney Dream entered service in 2021 and was named one of the “Ten Best Newest Cruise Ships” by Travel & Leisure. This ship offers special cruises to destinations around the world such as Egypt, Mexico, Hawaii, South America, Alaska, Brazil, The Caribbean, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Singapore, and Italy.

A Much Ado

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Disney Cruise Line’s largest vessel, the Disney Fantasy, docked at the ports of Long Beach, Los Angeles, and San Diego. The Fantasy was recently named one of the “Ten Best Newest Cruise Ships” by Travel & Leisure. This is the ship that will offer the best-shared experience for all of the various age groups. Disney Cruise Line’s other ships that are entering service are the Disney Princess Cruises.

There are eight ports of call on the Disney Cruise Line. They are San Diego, Santa Barbara, Dominican Republic, Miami, Freeport, Puerto Vallarta, and Port Tampa. The ports of call have different climates and weather conditions, so it is best to know what your needs and wants are before embarking on your vacation. Most cruise passengers travel to their destination port in the springtime months of January through March. April through June sees moderate weather conditions, and July through September sees a tropical storm.

Onboard the Disney Cruise Line, there are also many opportunities to indulge in fantasy fun. Among the things you can do are visit the Disney Imagineers Store, where you can purchase souvenirs of your trip and meet Disney employees who live in the area. You can also visit the Disney Cruise Line’s private island paradise called Port Charlotte. Here, you can party, dine out or take advantage of many of the Disney resort’s spas.

Bottom Line

While on this cruise, you can celebrate three magical years at sea with the inclusion of two new ships that will sail in addition to the original four ships in the line. These new ships are the Disney Dream and Disney Princess. The Disney Dream carries over 4 thousand guests, and the Disney Princess boasts two thousand guests. If you want a special cruise that offers you more than you are looking for, the Disney Cruise Line has what you need. Book your trip today and discover the magic.

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