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Enjoy And Love Your Rockport Luxury Cruise Penny Shifts

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Rockport Luxury Cruise Lines pampers the seven seas of the Bahamas in style. They offer luxurious accommodations, state-of-the-art amenities and entertainment. The crew provides a friendly welcome to travelers and provides tips for island living. Their ships anchor off the coast of Grand Cayman in the Atlantic Ocean and sail to destinations around the Caribbean and South America. Each of these trips offer unique adventures, rich stories and the opportunity to meet some of our favorite celebrities.

Whole Family

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A few’s ships sail every day to the islands on various ports of call. These excursions are designed for the whole family – children above eight years old and adults over sixty. All-inclusive “rush” cruises are available from April through December. Various activities are planned during these exciting trips, including zip-line tours, nature walks and kayaking.

Rush Cruises

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The “rush” cruises are scheduled as follows: May – June, July and August, September – October, November – December. The prices vary according to the number of passengers and the time of year. One of the most popular activities on these cruises is the discovery of hidden beaches along the shores of Grand Cayman. The discovery of the secret hideaways is part of the fun aboard a Rockport luxury cruise.

Chippewa Indians

During the evening, there are live performances by local musicians and the famous Chippewa Indians. Guests will often enjoy a cocktail hour where they can relax with free spirits and dance the night away. Rockport hosts some of the best restaurants in the world. In addition to having dinner, guests can choose to dine in the dining room, live at an outdoor bar or sample a variety of fine cuisine onboard.

On-Board Casinos

There are also on-board casinos for playing card games and other betting options. The casinos are located right next to the dance floors in the casino area. Some of the finest restaurants prepare all of the food at the restaurants, while others provide a buffet style meal. At certain times, guests can also dine in a private sitting room. The luxuries of Rockport are enhanced by its trained staff.

Island Explorer Tours

For those who want to travel to a different tropical location, there are various Island Explorer tours which can take one to places like Costa Rica, Costa Alps, Jamaica, St. Lucia, and many others. On the other hand, there are also island hopping tours where you visit and explore different places all through the Caribbean. These tours give you the chance to visit the Cayman Islands or the Grenadines. One can also go for the Jeep tours wherein you drive from port to port.


During your travels, it is advisable to get a pet with you. This is because some of the services provided in the Rockport hotels do not cater to pets. So if you have a pet, ensure that you bring it along with you. The services provided here are limited, so ensure that you check out the place first before embarking on the adventure. If you do not want to spend extra bucks on food and tips for keeping your pet abroad, you can try the onboard pet spa.

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