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Everyone Should Know The Name Of These Biggest Cruise Ships In The World

biggest cruise ships in the world

The cruise industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Many countries’ economies are wholly dependent on that industry. Coronavirus pandemic struck this industry too in the year 2020 but now the industry is bouncing back to normal. People sit, sleep, eat, enjoy and make their life memorable in those biggest cruise ships in the world. People enjoy their me-time at those ships but do not know much about them. In this informative blog, we will talk about some of the biggest cruise ships in the world.

Symphony Of The Seas


This ship is one of the largest cruise ships and it has a gross tonnage weight of 228,081GT. Royal Caribbean’s company runs it and it is their 25th ship. 223 feet tall and 1188 feet long dimension make it look mammoth even from far away. Since 2018, thousands of people came on board and had the best time of their life.

Harmony Of The Seas

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Since 2016 this ship has offered a seven-night western Mediterranean cruise service from Barcelona and Civitavecchia. It is the second-largest cruise ship and it is capable of accommodating over 5000 guests at a single point in time. Central Park, Sea sap, fitness center, Broadwalk, entertainment place, royal promenade makes it more special.

The Allure Of The Seas

Built at Turku, Finland this ship has a gross tonnage capacity of 225,282 GT and had a length of 362M. A big theater hall, ice skating rink, concierge club, spa, two-deck dance club, starbucks coffee shop, fitness center, and variety of dining options make it unique among others. Regarded as the third biggest cruise ship in the world, it also has yoga and tai chi classes on board.

Oasis Of The Seas

Do you know this is the first vessel series of Oasis-class cruise ships of Royal Caribbean? It entered into the service in 2009 and had an accommodating capacity of around 5500.

Whatever advanced amenities you are having in modern cruise ships, it was firstly started in this ship Swimming pools, basketball courts, volleyball courts, rock climbing walls, surf simulator, eatery filled central park, glass-covered solarium with pool. Etc., firstly offered to guests in this ship.

Costa Smeralda

It is the largest cruise from the Italian cruise company, Costa cruise. The gross tonnage capacity is 185,100 GT and it has a maximum carrying capacity of approximately 6500 passengers. People call it a “smart floating city” because it offers all sorts of smart amenities, we expect in a smart city. It is LNG powered that helps in reducing carbon footprint in the environment.


Next time, when you go to the biggest cruise ships in the world, you will enjoy it more as you have some information about them.

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