Holidaymaker’s Hacks: Organizing Your Cruise Cabin

Holidaymaker’s Hacks: Organizing Your Cruise Cabin

To get a clean and productive cruise cabin, you’ll want to be comfortable with a few items that you bring home from Amazon or your favorite shop. There’s more to using the stateroom space well, than purchasing a few gadgets. We will go over some of the holidaymaker’s hacks for a structured cruise cabin.

Holidaymaker’s Hacks: Organizing Your Cruise Cabin
Holidaymaker’s Hacks: Organizing Your Cruise Cabin

Realistic Packing 

To be honest, on every cruise, those people are over-packers making minor changes. Bring what’s necessary by making clothes that you would like to wear for day and night. Put them on and see to it that you feel confident with them. Add swimwear and accessories and it’s ready to go. Check the dress code and recommendations for your cruise ship, if there is a formal event.

Extra Hangers

Don’t carry any from home because they’re all taking up extra space in your luggage. After arrival in your cabin, you will meet your steward in your room shortly. If you need any, ask for some extra hangers after some introductions. Hanging as many things as you can, can be a space saver.

Put Your Luggage Under Your Bed

First things first, get everything off your luggage as soon as you arrive on your first day of the cruise. Then, tuck suitcases under the bed until it is done. It can be handled for you by your cabin steward. 

Hanging Organizer

For all your personal products this can be a huge space saver. Hang an organizer with tiny shelves on your bathroom door, and free up limited space. It is good for keeping sun lotion, creams, medications, beauty care, and more.

Declutter Your Cabin

Upon arrival in your cabin, you will always see a few items on your desk or table. If you don’t want to use them, just hide them away. Some people are telling the attendant to remove a small coffee table or even an extra chair you just don’t need. Don’t be afraid, they’re going to take away those stuff for you and that’s going to make more cabin space.

Vanity Desk

Switch the desk to vanity. For your makeup, nail polish, and other makeup products you have, use the side drawers.

Check Important Documents

Holidaymaker’s Hacks: Organizing Your Cruise Cabin
Holidaymaker’s Hacks: Organizing Your Cruise Cabin

Keep papers you need, and put them in a safe place. Put them in a legal size envelope or a pocket folder if you have printings of important papers. You can stash away some valuable papers or even receipts at one location while you’re on your cruise. It’s nice to put along a couple of spare envelopes to hold it all intact.

Extra Outlets And USBs

The newest ships compensated for that, so if you’re lucky, practically any cruise cabin will have two to three plugs. For all our gadgets and chargers we only need more connectors nowadays. You may think you can bring power from home, but in fact, those with surge protectors are not allowed. It is very important that you buy one that is approved for the cruise.


At night, cabins are very dark, particularly if you’re in an inner cabin. Consider where you can plug a nightlamp. Always bring one operated by a battery. If you are in an interior cabin, open the bathroom light, and keep the door partially open. It will add enough light to the room in case you need to get up at night. You should draw the curtains just a little if you have a balcony and let some moonlight in. Some like natural morning light so they often leave the curtains partially open to get that early light in.

Cabin Fan

Many cruisers understand that but may consider the cabins to be well air-conditioned and didn’t need an extra fan. If you like one, and you find hot and stuffy little spaces, consider bringing a small portable fan.

Store Your Valuables

Keep your nice jewelry, wallet, and cash safe, and keep your passports and car or house keys secure. As we travel, we know that we always have these with us, so to stop looking for them at the end of the trip, consider them safe on the very first day of the trip.


Holidaymaker’s Hacks: Organizing Your Cruise Cabin
Holidaymaker’s Hacks: Organizing Your Cruise Cabin

It is a bit challenging to stay organized for the ship’s events. You’ll want to go over the day-to-day cruise schedule to prepare for any events that you intend to attend. While this can be viewed on your phone on the cruise line app, plan ahead by looking through the daily scheduler. Bring a highlighter, mark your favorite things, and take a look at them easily.

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