How To Handle An Emergency On A Cruise Ship -

How To Handle An Emergency On A Cruise Ship

A large ship in a body of water

In the early 1900s, a cruise ship ran aground in the Southern Pacific Ocean and although no passengers were hurt as the ship was not meant to carry more than 10 people, the unfortunate accident claimed the lives of thirty-two people. The captain made the mistake of leaving the engine room too late whilst discussing an engine overhaul with his mates. When he asked them if they could help him out, they replied in unison: “We can’t. The boat is too small.” Unfortunately, the accident was fatal as the keel sunk rapidly and hundreds of lives could have been saved.

A similar cruise ship crash took place off the Mexican coast when a cargo ship was under construction. Again the captain failed to exercise due diligence in making sure that the ship had a sufficient adequate number of working engine rooms. Again the passengers had no idea that cargo holds of over one hundred and fifty people were on board. Both these incidents highlight the need for proper passenger information and notification in advance of any size cruise ship operation.

Cruise Ship Crash

What should you do if you or a loved one have become a passenger of a cruise ship accident? Firstly you must notify your loved ones. But how do you know when you should actually do this? Well, firstly, your immediate family members should be made aware of the situation. If possible relatives such as a partner, stepson, or brother should be told as soon as possible. If your loved one’s phone number is forwarded to you, make sure you check it or write it down and refer to it at all times.

If you are unable to reach your loved one immediately, it may be advisable to make a call to the cruise company or the ship’s owner to arrange for emergency services. However, this may not always be possible. When a cruise ship has run into an accident off the coast of Jamaica a medical worker from the ship was dispatched and he managed to get all of the passengers and crew together in the engine room. The injured were given first aid before being transferred to the shore.

You should also contact your insurance company. If your policy covers cruise ship accidents, your insurance company will provide you with details of the incident and the insurance amount. If you are still within the coverage period, your insurance company will provide you with a refund. It is also worth asking your cruise company about the possibility of providing you with medical travel expense insurance. This type of insurance provides you with financial cover in case you become seriously ill or injured due to an accident on a cruise ship.

A Much Ado

A large ship in a body of water

The legal system in most countries provides protection for passengers against cruise ship disasters. So it is worth your while to ensure that you keep yourself up to date with all the relevant legal regulations regarding cruise ship operations. If there is a valid cruise ship liability policy in force at the time of the accident, the insurance provider is obliged to compensate for your loss. This will be the amount you paid towards your cruise ship insurance. Any expenses incurred by you as a result of the cruise ship accident such as medical treatment will also be paid for by the cruise liner.

You should keep copies of all your cruise ship documents. These documents include your cruise ticket, cruise ship insurance policy, any contracts with the cruise liner, your cruise ship itinerary, and your logbooks. It may also be a good idea to keep a copy of your cruise ship itinerary. These documents will prove helpful should the case go to court. In the event of an accident, you may be able to recover your money from the cruise liner.

Bottom Line 

There are many things you should remember during a cruise ship crash. It is important to stay calm, focus on the situation at hand, and consult your cruise ship, the insurance provider. Remember to take photographs of any damage to the ship and to call the authorities if there is a fire. Keep all these facts in mind and you should be able to handle the problem effectively. If a cruise ship crash lands you off the coast of Florida, you might want to consider getting some Florida health insurance.

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