Keep Your Luggage Away from Scratched, Messy and Quickly Find Your Suitcase Without Spending Too Much Time

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Luggage is an important part of the necessary items that every people needs. The travel freaks are the ones who strive to get the best quality luggage for traveling the world. But isn’t it boring to have simple luggage with no patterns and a simple look? Yes, to add some fun and excitement to the travel luggage cute animated luggage covers are the best affordable pieces that one can have. The luggage with the awesome covers that one would carry would be so unique and helpful to identify from a distance at airport baggage claim chains. Check out this amazing luggage cover product that is both suitable for anime fans and children. Here it goes. 

Cute Animated Luggage Cover

This awesome cute animated luggage cover is the best luggage cover that one can have not just to make the luggage carrier look more interesting but also it protects the main luggage body from any dirt or scratches. The product is made from quality polyester material with some cute and fascinating designs. The product comes in four different animated prints and also colors that one can choose from. Another awesome thing about the product is that it is washable and the color never fades. This great product comes in different sizes that would easily fit any luggage of one’s wish. 

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  • Main Material: Polyester
  • Model Number: TD-56
  • Item Width: 30cm
  • Item Weight: 305g
  • Travel Accessories: Luggage Cover
  • Item Type: Travel Accessories
  • Item Length: 51cm
  • Item Height: 74cm
  • Material Composition: polyester
  • Pattern Type: Patchwork
  • S size: Apply to 18-21 inch suitcase
  • M size: Apply to 22-24 inch suitcase
  • L size: Apply to 25-28 inch suitcase
  • XL size: Apply to 29-32 inch suitcase
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  • The prints are well printed with quality animations.
  • It gives a trendy look to the suitcase. 
  • Best for young adults, teens, and children.


  • The price might be a bit high for the quality of material used. 
  • The cover might get teared up with sharp objects.
  • It covers the entire luggage and hence it may be difficult to take things out in case of an emergency. 


The animated luggage cover suits best for teens and kids who would surely love to carry it while traveling. The quality of the product is worth noticing and the great printing that never fades is also worth having at least once in a lifetime. The cute animated luggage cover comes in different sizes and hence the prices vary according to the size. The price of the product ranges from $18.45 to $26.10. What a great addition to travel accessories that one can have to make it more classy and fashionable. It is a must to check out this amazing animated luggage cover to get hands on the trendy traveling style that is no doubt cute with stunning animations.

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