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Old And Classy Zaandam Cruise Ship Of America

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A perfect example is that you don’t always require electronic gadgets and gimmicks to have a good time. The name of this example is Zaandam cruise ship which is an older ship—designed in an older way. You will find fewer balconies, but it is spacious inside with a good number of cabins in it. You will find all the luxuries inside that cruise. Bathrooms are fitted with big tubs—a promenade full of classy chairs and cozy blankets. 

Even when 1500 passengers, the ship doesn’t feel crowded. You can enjoy an affluent and relaxing vacation at sea. You can easily get everywhere with just ten decks. There are plenty of longes and games for kids as well. You will also find a cafe where you can relax. 

One of the most preferred food at sea is Pinnacle Grill. The grill offered at the Zaandam cruise ship is marvelous. Buffets are open for long hours. You can enjoy it at any time. Room services are the cherry on the cake. 

If you are the one who prefers low-key enjoyment in the suspicious area, then this cruise can be the best option. 

Some More Information About Zaandam Cruise Ship

Cruise Ship

Let us tell you some more information about this amazing cruise. The crew members that are present in the ship are 604, and passengers that can acquire at a single go are 1432. It was first launched in 2000. The number of shore excursions is 1151. 

The cruise sails from Tokyo, Sydney, Everglades, Boston, Amsterdam, Montreal, Rotterdam, Singapore, Dubai, Honolulu, Fort Lauderdale, And Many More. And it sails to the South Caribbean, Africa, New England, And Canada. 

There are a few pros and cons of this cruise. It is quite crucial to know them if you are planning to make a visit. 


Cruise Ship

The ship is spacious and quite easy to navigate. The vibes of this ship are positive and enjoyable. 


There are a few balconies on this cruise. Lack of balconies can ruin your sea view enjoyment. The variety of cabins are little as compared to modern cruises. The entertainment in the evening is mediocre. It won’t acquire more than 2000 passengers at a time. 

Bottom Line 

After knowing all the information regarding the Zaandam cruise ship, you can go for a sea vacation if you want a perfect-sized ship for port-intensive itineraries. Your Zaandam will include room service, dining room, buffet, and poll side grill. You can enjoy all the shows at the theater. You can also avail shoeshine service isn’t it amazing? You can use gym services at any time of the day. There is a huge cabin of DVD. There are some services like WiFi, boutique purchase, spa treatment, spa tips, gratuities, etc., that are not included in your pancake. You need to pay some extra amount for these luxuries.   

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