Paradise Cruise Ship in Indonesia -

Paradise Cruise Ship in Indonesia

paradise luxury cruise

Experience world-class luxury service at Paradise Luxury Cruise inspired by the traditional Vietnamese wooden junk ship; Paradise Luxury Cruise offers an open deck and wide sun deck with wide sunbeds and comfortable lounge chairs providing spectacular views of Halong Bay. Free WiFi is also available in the following public areas: staterooms, dining room, and bar. Each of the staterooms is designed to accommodate two to six guests. The rooms have separate bathroom facilities as well as televisions and large screen TVs.

Paradise Luxury Cruise

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Dining on a paradise luxury cruise is a feast for the eyes. There is a marvelous choice of cuisine prepared by some of the best chefs in Vietnam. It is served in the original wood bowls which were used long ago in that part of the country. They are painted in bright colors to bring out the rustic ambiance. The buffet menu is divided into vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and gluten-free dishes for those who are on restricted diets.

This is the ultimate luxury accommodation. You will have a private cabana with a private deck, balcony, and bathrooms with private showers. The living area is furnished with large flat-screen televisions, and you are provided with a mini-fridge and a mini kitchen. The cabana has an internet access point and telephone with three-way calling. The average room size is 5 feet by 9 feet and has a king-sized bed.

Luxury Cruise

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The spacious and elegant rooms have private balconies so that you can take in the beautiful scenery outside while relaxing on your bed. All of the rooms have televisions set in high definition and provide comfortable bedding. There is a restaurant in each of the Vietnam cruises. This enables you to dine at the table of your choice with your family and friends.

The other rooms are more like staterooms. The difference between staterooms and cabins is that the stateroom has the ability to be smaller or larger. You have the option of placing your own laptop computer desk inside the cabin location. The two small staterooms have private baths. These cabins have private showers and bathtubs.

The Paradise Luxury Cruise is operated by Asia Pacific Cruises. You can choose to cruise to the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and other places around Asia. You may also choose to take the paradise luxury cruise to the Pacific Ocean and visit Halong bay. Halong Bay is situated about 30 minutes away from Bangkok. Many tourists from the US visit Halong bay because it provides a lot of activities and sightseeing opportunities.

Things To Consider

The cruise ship docks at the shopper-friendly ports of Pagakas, Banaue, and Koh Tao. There you will get the opportunity to shop for souvenirs and beautiful pieces of jewelry. Once you are done shopping, you may want to have a drink at the sundeck bar, or you may want to hang out in one of the many dining areas on the paradise cruise ship. The cabins themselves are fabulous with their western style decor and private bathrooms.

One of the most exciting experiences that you will have while visiting the paradise luxury cruise is having a view of the beautiful sunset from your deck. The deck of the ship slopes gradually down towards the shopper’s beach. It’s a breathtaking experience. The most popular deck, the first deck, offers fantastic views of the sunset. This is also the deck where you will have your first chance to see the sunset.

The Paradise cruise ships have many facilities like spas and saunas on board. You can relax in one of the many lounges on the paradise cruise Halong bay. In the afternoon, you may want to go on the shaded deck of the ship and enjoy the sun setting over the blue ocean. The sun is extremely soothing on the sun-kissed deck.

Two nights are all that you need to spend on your paradise cruise ship for enjoying your romantic sunset in the company of your love. This is the time when the lovely sunset turns into night. Enjoy the sunset on the deck by having dinner served on the dining deck. Afterward, you may want to relax on the private deck. Spend two nights in paradise and enjoy the exotic aromas floating around you. The beautiful beaches, crystal clear water, and idyllic palm trees will help you forget any worries.

Bottom Line

The cabins of the cruise ship are spacious and well arranged. You can easily find your own cabin in the paradise area. Each room has a view of the ocean, and you have a balcony to enjoy the sunrise and sunset. The cabins also have en suite bathroom facilities as well as private balconies where you can relax and watch the sunset. There are separate cabins for singles, couples, families, and groups. All the cabins have an internet connection and air conditioning, telephone, TV, radio, and fridge freezer.

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