Symphony Of The Seas: Best Family Trip Destination

Symphony Of The Seas

As a true family vacation destination, Symphony of The Seas features some of the most exciting activities for your children of any theme park. From the fun activities like zip lines and water slides to an interactive musical theater, this amusement park offers many thrills and excitement for families. Symphony is also a place where families can unwind and relax for a few days or even longer. This is why it’s one of America’s favorite theme parks, and a top tourist destination among tourists, who flock to it every year.

A series of exciting new attractions separate Symphony of The Seas from its sister Oasis Class siblings – Harmony, Allure, and Oasis of The Seas. With a record number of 2,759 stateroOMs, including 28 additional balcony suites overlooking the Atlantic Ocean or the famous Boardwalk neighborhood, the newest accommodations at Symphony of The Seas offer more breathtaking views and activities than ever before. The newest suites add to the enjoyment by offering spectacular views and activities like the latest in heated pools and a spa. New on-site restaurants and entertainment venues add to the fun for younger children and teens. The addition of On Deck, an exciting restaurant, and other dining options has made the newest accommodations even more enjoyable for adults.

Things To Do

vacation destination at symphony of seas
Symphony Of The Seas: Best Family Trip Destination

While the most exciting activities are available within Symphony’s attractions, it’s important to remember that there’s much to do outside these fun spots. In addition to the wonderful restaurants and shopping malls, you’ll find that there are also a variety of fun activities for kids and families. Most of these fun attractions feature activities for all ages, which allow you to enjoy the sights, sounds, and fun of this beautiful seaside destination.

Water Slide

One of these activities is the Symphony Water Slide, which provides fun for everyone in your family, while simultaneously keeping your children entertained. At just two stories high, this wonderful slide allows your kids to play some splashing fun. While they’re at the water slide, they’ll have the opportunity to see the amazing sights of the water and the beautiful underwater animals that are so often featured in the shows performed around the slide. Kids will also be able to get their feet wet in the exciting games at the water slide, such as rafting, banana peel, and more. It’s a great activity for kids of all ages, allowing them to experience the fun and excitement while keeping the younger members of your family busy. After the show, the slide will serve as a great spot for ice cream, drinks, and a spot to relax.


Another fun activity is the Aquarium, which is located in the heart of Symphony’s attractions. This exciting Aquarium features an incredible collection of creatures and provides fascinating information on aquatic life in the area of Florida. With over seven hundred species of fish to watch, it’s easy to see why this attraction is known throughout the world. Families can even get an opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the creatures.

Interacting With Animals

Water Slide at symphony of the seas
Symphony Of The Seas: Best Family Trip Destination

While you’re enjoying the Aquarium, you can also get a chance to interact with some of these animal friends. Several shows include live performances by sea otters, clownfishes and dolphins, and the famous clownfish from Australia. It’s a great chance to see sea turtles, stingrays and sharks, and the rare Marlin and Hammerhead sharks for children who love animals. That swim through the Aquarium and take part in an exciting show for you to enjoy.

Another exciting activity to do while at the Sea World Resort is the Dolphin Encounter. This is a fun exhibit where you can get up close and personal with dolphins that swim through your tour boat. You’ll ask the trained dolphins questions and even have the chance to feed the dolphins. If you have the chance to get up close and personal with one of these amazing animals, you won’t want to miss it. And if you have the opportunity to watch a show on the Dolphin Encounter, you’ll be sure to enjoy the wonderful shows on the display.

Final Words

These are just a few of the fun things that you can do while you’re at the Sydney Aquarium and its attractions. Whether you choose to spend the day at the Sea World or spend the night watching one of the shows, you’ll enjoy having the time of your life while enjoying the sights and sounds of the best place to be during your vacation. You can even choose to visit the Sydney Opera House, which has the best entertainment to match any show.

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