Top 2 Luxury Cruise Greece Trips That You Need To Check Before Planning A Tour -

Top 2 Luxury Cruise Greece Trips That You Need To Check Before Planning A Tour

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Greece is one of the fascinating destinations which is there in every traveler’s bucket list. However, have you heard regarding the cruise trips which this Mediterranean country offers their guest? Here are top 2 luxury cruise Greece trips listed. If you are an ardent traveler, then this top choices are right for you to explore. Therefore without any further ado, let’s begin with the choices of these luxury cruise Greece trips-

Luxury Cruise Greece: Trip No 1 

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With Star Flyer here comes a mesmerizing touring experience for you to check out. From experiencing a refreshing change in your regular life, here you get to find new aspects of a Mediterranean culture where you get to put your mind on subtle treasures which you are going to cherish for the lifetime. Star Flyer offers you 8 days trip which is complete for every traveler, be it a historical enthusiast or a shopper.

Itineraries And Highlights Of The Trips To Follow

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Begin your day one at port Athens. Set your journey with a ravishing start amidst the sea and its waves the entire day. Enjoy a lot of activities while you continue the ride the next day while reaching Rhode island on the 3rd day of your journey. On the 4th day continue with your trip to Bodrum, Turkey. Spend the entire day, exploring the area, for you are going to halt next on Dalyan river, Turkey on your 5th day of vacation. On the 6th day of your travel diaries, you will be in Santorini Greece following Hydra on the 7th day of the trip. On day 8 you return to Port Athens. 

While you are taking this lovely trip you get to check the amazing picturesque location on Rhode Island which is enriched with its culture and history. Make sure to take a visit to the Halicarnassus. Next comes Santorini which is undoubtedly a beautiful location out of all the Greece islands till now. Also, make sure to travel on a donkey at Monastry of Iliasan for enjoying a wonderful view of Hydra.

Luxury Cruise Greece: Trip No 2

This luxury cruise Greece trip ensures your trip to all the classical locations you read till now. Travelers get to tour around the white beaches of Cycladic islands, Peloponnese, and several other beautiful locations in this choice of trip. Let’s take a close look at the inteneries of this luxury cruise Greece trip- 

Itineraries And Highlights Of The Trips To Follow

Embark your first day from Port Athens and travel towards Delos, Mykonos where you reach in day 2. The third day takes you to Santorini following the fourth day at Rethymnon, Crete. Travel to Kythira in your fifth-day journey. On your 6th day, you are at Monemvassia, Nafplion. Also, on your 7th day, you are in Nafplion, Hydra. On the 8th day, you disembark at Port Athen once again. 

The Santorini, Delos, and Mykonos are renowned for the mesmerizing landscapes. Without any question take some breathtaking shots to cherish the trip lifelong. Next, while at Crete, visit the palace of King Minoas. Then take a trip to the medieval town of Monemvassia along with the old towers of Nafplion. Enjoy the lovely sites of Delos and Santorini to the fullest on this cruise trip. 


These are the best luxury cruise Greece trips that you can plan out this season. Both the trips offer different extravagant locations. Hence no wonder you will have a blast the entire time. Pack your bags as soon as possible to experience these lovely trips which are just waiting for you.

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