Traveling in Style to the West Coast of the USA -

Traveling in Style to the West Coast of the USA

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When we talk about the biggest cruise ship, there are so many people that will say that they know the exact size that can be safely entered into this discussion. And the truth is, it depends on how you want to define the term. If you are someone who just wants to have an idea of what it takes to get on a cruise ship, then you’ll want to know that the length is the largest measurement. But how do you measure that? What does it really mean when somebody says that the ship’s largest dimension is over 500 feet long? Well, let’s take a look at the top 10 biggest cruise ships in our industry and as expected it will continue to change as newer, more technologically advanced cruise ships are constructed.

The Royal Caribbean

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On our list of the largest cruise ship, the first name that immediately springs to mind is the Royal Caribbean. The Royal Caribbean is considered to be one of the best luxury cruise ships on the market today. It has an incredible architecture and there is a sense of elegance that is not felt on any other ship. It has a sensational dining experience that is second to none and the entertainment and activities on board are simply phenomenal. There are plenty of activities on each of the nine decks, which makes this ship one that many people will want to spend their vacation time on.

Check Out The Disney Cruise Line

A large ship in the water

If you are looking for a ship that will offer guests and travelers a true sense of adventure and excitement, then you should definitely check out the Disney cruise line. Their ships offer guests the opportunity to sail on fantasy adventures and take part in thrilling water sports. There are also some amazing shows on the ships, which are sure to entertain the adults as well as the children. If you are looking for something a little bit more tropical, then the Caribbean cruise offers you a trip to one of the most beautiful places on earth. You will see a unique environment that will astound you and as a guest on this ship, you will be able to witness this environment for yourself.

Largest Cruise Ship With Over 1.35 Billion Gallons Of Sea Water

The Royal Caribbean boasts the largest cruise ship with over 1.35 billion gallons of seawater. This means that you have the opportunity to take a journey through the most scenic and active seas in the world. You will see the harbors and piers that are truly enchanting and the diversity of marine life that exists can be observed. On each deck of the ship you will find large expanses of blue ocean water and white sand beaches along with islands and wonderful harbors.

While the Disney cruise ship does leave from the port of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, you will be able to take the ship all throughout the length of the country. There are sister ships that also leave from this port and offer passengers and travelers a complete tour of Mexico. As mentioned above, there are so many things to see on these cruises and there are plenty of activities and events to participate in. You will be able to see how the different cultures all over the world interact and this gives a very interesting and educational experience while on the trip.

Final Words

The shipyard has strict rules when it comes to the musical selections that will be played on each of the five floors of the ship. The largest cruise in history has played such diverse musical selections as Mozart, Handel, J.S. Bach, Elton John, orchestras, chamber music, pop songs, rock songs and classical selections. It is amazing to think about the amount of genres that this ship has played during the duration of its lifetime. This would make for the best and most exciting symphonic concert experience in all of the world! A trip to the West Coast is sure to break your mind and open up a whole new world of sights and sounds.

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