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Ultimate Guide To Luxury Halong Bay Cruise – Tips To Choose The Best Cruise

luxury halong bay cruise

Halong Bay is a beautiful bay situated in northern Vietnam where around 1,600 islands and isles rise from the South China Sea’s turquoise waters. As you cruise through the bay, you will pass by numerous towering limestone rock formations adjoining the luxury cruise ship. UNESCO world heritage site designated this bay in 1994, and today it is the most famous tourist attraction in all of Vietnam.

Read on to learn all about how to select the luxury Halong bay cruise, when to visit, and what to pack.

Steps To Follow Before Going Luxury Halong Bay Cruise 

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Do Your Research

There are actually dozens of boat choices, so the tourist agencies will only show you their top two or three to keep you from getting inundated.

Local travel agencies like Halong bay tours can also get you better rates than what you can locate online. But before opting for any other travel agencies, do research and find the top-rated boats. Then you can easily compare the prices offered by travel agencies against the prices offered online.

Other Things To Ask Travel Agents When Booking A Boat For You:

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  1. How many cabins are on the boat?
  2. What is available in your package?
  3. What activities are available to do?

What To Pack


Carry a passport to travel to the bay because your tour guide may ask for it during your bus ride to the region. Make sure you have it in your handbag. Avoid storing it in luggage under the bus.

Carry Snacks

The bus ride to the bay takes approx 2.5 hours, and most make one-stop at a big souvenir shop. The souvenir shop has clean toilets and other stores like gold jewellery & traditional clothing. Everything at these souvenir stores is expensive, especially snacks.

Bottled Water

Most boats offer drinking water facilities, but many find it expensive. So, we would suggest you keep a water bottle with you. At least you won’t have to pay for water again and again.


Do not forget to pack a swimsuit both for swimming at Halong Bay and Ti Top Island. Also, carry a beach towel. Your cruise boat will give you one as you come out of the boat.

Tennis Shoes 

Wear tennis shoes to climb lots of stairs during your visit to Ti Top Island and Surprise Cave. You will find yourself comfortable in tennis shoes. These hiking shoes are super durable and lightweight.

Also, don’t forget to carry sun protection cream and a waterproof cell phone case.

When To Visit Halong Bay

  • The best time to visit Halong Bay is from October to March when temperatures are moderate, and rainfall is light.
  • April to September is sticky and experiences the highest rainfall, and august is the wettest month.


Travelers have finally got a new destination to visit and enjoy the cruise. This is one of the beautiful and natural places in Vietnam. So what are you waiting for? Book tickets, pack bags, and start exploring itself in-between the voyage!

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