Viking River Cruise - Here Is All You Need To Know About Them -

Viking River Cruise – Here Is All You Need To Know About Them

viking river cruise

Going on a cruise will be the best vacation ever. The Vikings are remembered for their strength, courage, and tenacity. It is said that these Vikings were so brave they could conquer all the lands bordering the oceans. They were warriors, merchants, and fishermen. They settled in North America and created a society that was known for its power, exploration, and wealth.

Now you can experience all of their greatness on a cruise. The Vikings are represented in literature, movies, and by statues. It is amazing that such a tiny, intimidating race became the greatest power that ruled over the seas. All thanks to their great seafaring skills and their legendary bravery.

An Overview

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There are two types of Vikings that are often mentioned in the same breath. The first are the fierce warriors who populated the frigid Northern regions of the country. The second are the seamen and merchants that ventured into the Indian Ocean and traded with the East. Both groups contributed to the development of the country.

What makes a Vikings cruise different from other cruises? Instead of driving our own boats, we cruise on the luxurious ships of one of the leading cruise lines. We will dine at world-class restaurants and relax in magnificent accommodations. Our itinerary will include stops along the length of the river to sightseeing, river rafting, and land-based entertainment.

What kinds of activities will we participate in? Every day we will travel around the length of the Viking River, stopping at Viking settlements, farms, and villages along the way. At certain points along the voyage, we will travel up the river to Bratislava and down to Warsaw. Each of these destinations has its own historical significance and we will tell the full story at each location. This will include the sights, sounds, and tastes of the region’s people.

Viking Cruise Offers

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Most visitors to the area are intrigued by the impressive castles that mark the towns along the way. Imagine what it must have been like for those noble men to make such castles along the mighty Vistula. The sights, sounds, and smells of the region’s villages will give us great enjoyment. We can explore the local markets and buy unique items. We can try our culinary creations at home.

There are two types of Viking cruise available. One leaves Bratislava and returns to Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden; the other departs Bratislava and returns to Dubrovnik, the largest city in the Croatia. The smaller boat cruise, which leaves Bratislava for Stockholm, leaves the morning and returns to Bratislava during the evening. Our other Scandinavian experience will take us to the island of Djurgarden, where there are an 18th century prison and an incredible concentration of Gothic architecture. In addition to visiting these marvelous locations, we will also visit the Saarischap reef, one of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean.

Each of our Viking adventure cruises is designed to please both adults and children. All of our boats are made of the finest quality materials and safety is our first priority. We also offer a variety of dining options and a live entertainment programme. You will not want to miss out on this.

Each day will bring a new adventure, as the boat slips quietly across the mighty Vanda River. Each evening, you can enjoy a drink at a special bar in the casino before drifting quietly back to the river’s deck. You can even dine al fresco at one of our five star restaurants. You have everything to indulge in. And at night, we’ll return to the ship for another magical cruise across the midnight ocean.

In The End

If you love pirates, Vikings, ships and tall ships, then this is the perfect getaway. You can learn a lot just by looking around at the sights. The most important thing is that you have a blast. So, pack your gear, grab your map and get ready for a fun-filled adventure on one of the best cruises in the world.

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