What to Expect From a Disney Cruise Ship

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Disney Cruise Ship, also known as Disney Cruise Lines is an international cruise company operation which is actually a division of The Walt Disney Corporation. The company was incorporated under the name Magical Cruise Company Limited in 1996, as the successor to Disney Magic, and has its operational headquarters in Celebration, Florida, with their main operations and ports of call located in Los Angeles, California.

Disney Cruise lines are very popular among travelers because it offers exciting, fun and exciting travel experiences to everyone. Each ship carries over sixty to seventy passengers, all of whom will be treated to entertainment during their time on board. Onboard there are numerous activities for the passengers to participate in like watching live shows, dining at different restaurants, playing games and dancing to music.

Multiple Attractions

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All the ships of this cruise line carry several attractions. Among them are, Magic Kingdom, the Dolphin Land, Islands of Adventure and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The Magic Kingdom is an amazing theme park where visitors can spend their day strolling around, enjoying rides and attractions and meeting other Disney fans.

The Dolphin Land is another attraction for those looking for tropical seaside activities and a relaxing environment. Here, they can swim and enjoy sunbathing. The dolphin land has an area called Aquapark, which is where dolphin shows take place. The dolphin shows here are very entertaining and informative, allowing you to see the life of the dolphins in their natural habitat.

The Islands of Adventure is the third major attraction of this Disney cruise line. Here you can go on tours, go shopping and even dine in some of the restaurants aboard. If you like to go to the beach, you will be happy to know that the ships have their own swimming pool. This swimming pool is heated and equipped with diving equipment and is very exciting for kids to go swimming.

Disney Animal Kingdom

A large body of water with a city in the background

The final attraction of this cruise ship is the Disney Animal Kingdom. Here you can get up close to some of the creatures that inhabit the animal kingdom. The animals include the Lion King, the Penguin, the Elephant and the Lion, the Monkey, the Merman, the Penguin Prince, the Unicorn, the Polar Bear, the King of the Jungle and so many others.

The experience you get from this ship will definitely amaze you. It will give you an experience like no other, where you will learn more about the lives of the animals, including the caretakers, the food preparations, cleaning and maintenance, what they eat, the food preparation and even the medical procedures.

Enjoy Your Heart Out 

Disney cruise ships are the perfect way to enjoy your holidays. Your trip will be filled with fun, excitement and entertainment as you will see the world in a way that you never dreamed. If you are planning to go for a trip with this company, you should book your ticket in advance as there are only a few places available.

If you want to be a part of the experience of Disney and see the different places along the way, you must make sure that you get a cruise ship that offers the most thrilling adventures. This means that you should get one that will offer all sorts of different activities. It is best if you go with a cruise ship that offers a wide variety of activities in order to ensure that you have a great time.

You can enjoy different activities that include activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, boat trips, swimming, horseback riding, diving and so many others. You may even have the opportunity to visit a beach or an aquarium or take a walk through the wilderness. The entertainment will vary depending on the activities that you choose to do.


In order to make the most out of the different activities that you choose to take part in, you should go with a ship that offers some sort of activities that will get you excited. such as a live band and the likes. This will make your day even better and make it so much fun to spend your vacation with your friends and family.

You should also make sure that you book in advance because the best times to plan for these special activities are during peak seasons. This will ensure that the activities are guaranteed to be busy and you can get them at an affordable rate.

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